The PORTICO was started as a response to the adverse impact of the first COVID-19 lockdown on social interaction and sense of community. Its aim has been to strengthen people’s sense of being part of a living and caring Christian community in and around Truro, Cornwall.

Key Areas:

The main areas of our focus have been to:

  • enable / encourage people to interact socially, engage in chat and dialogue
  • share local news and topical items
  • promote participation and action in pursuit of christian social justice
  • express and celebrate the richness and diversity in our local faith community

Who are we?

The PORTICO is independent publication, edited and produced by Jenny and Peter Kwee. It does not represent any official Roman Catholic policies. All information and views are those of its contributors and editors only.


We are supported by a small but enthusiastic group of contributors in Truro and nearby parishes, who offer articles, photos, news and suggestions.

We are always pleased to receive any contributions that may be of interest to our readership, including messages, prayer requests, news and articles. Any comments etc posted on this website may also be used in the occasional PORTICO produced for distribution by email and in print.

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