Men’s Retreat Session

Truro Men’s Retreat group held another session last Thursday via ZOOM, instead of the cancelled 2020 Buckfast Retreat. The talk and discussion was on the topic “Discernment” and included a short, experimental interactive workshop on communal discernment, in which participants tried out tools and processes to help groups of people to discern a best wayContinue reading “Men’s Retreat Session”

“Let us Dream”: a recommendation

If you are looking for a last minute stocking filler for the thinking person in your life, can I recommend  Let us Dream: a Path to a Better Future by Pope Francis. This is a very readable discussion of some of the problems facing us today: Covid, refugees, climate change, arms race, women in theContinue reading ““Let us Dream”: a recommendation”

Reflection: “A Precious Place”

Bishop Mark’s recent document on re organisation within the Diocese, makes regular reference to ‘The Pastoral Conversion of the Parish Community’, which was issued from the Vatican during the summer.  On Christian initiation it says ‘It is a journey that is ongoing’  ‘not as a duty to fulfil, a rite of passage’ as ‘an ongoingContinue reading “Reflection: “A Precious Place””

Women in the Church

In his wide-ranging new book Let Us Dream, written in conversation with Austen Ivereigh, Pope Francis writes about female roles in the Church, saying that “allowing women’s perspectives to challenge existing assumptions” is something he has tried to focus on as Pope, appointing women to positions where they can “shape the culture” and “influence the visionContinue reading “Women in the Church”