2021: Daring to Dream….

It is tempting in this tenth month of the pandemic, to slide into apathy. But in his latest book, Pope Francis challenges us to do the opposite. 

Covid 19  is very immediate in our lives but only one of so many ills in our world – the extent & kind of deprivation and poverty people are living with, the true environmental impact of our consumption-driven society. Our world is in crisis.

”In crisis, we have to choose and in choosing, we reveal our hearts” What is revealed in a crisis is what has to change and it is up to us to work for that change and make it happen. Caregivers “are the antibodies to the virus of indifference. They remind us that our lives are a gift and we grow by giving of ourselves, not preserving ourselves but losing ourselves in service.”  Francis asks us, not to sleep, but to “dare to dream”.

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