Falmouth & Penryn Churches Together

Justice and Peace Bulletin. 24 March 2021


  • Pray for those Christians throughout the world who are unable to gather for worship this Eastertide, the greatest of all Christian Festivals, remembering those imprisoned for their faith and their families, and those undergoing persecution for their beliefs. Send a card of support through one of the agencies assisting them. 
  • Pray for the 45,000 Rohingya refugees made homeless when fire swept through their camp in Bangladesh this week. 


    The Finnish firm Spinnova is turning wood pulp into a sustainable textile to make clothes. The fashion industry produces 4% of global CO2 emissions. 
  • WORLD’S FIRST MICROWAVE BOILER This has net zero CO2 emissions. 
    Spain is the first European country to introduce a 32 hour week, which will strengthen families, bring many benefits to society, boost productivity and reduce emissions. Pay is unaffected.


  • The Marie Curie Foundation reports that 3 million people have been bereaved in the Covid epidemic.
    How can we continue to give care and support?? 
  • There are calls for Cornwall County Council to support the struggling shellfish industry, molluscs no longer being able to be exported with new Brexit regulations. 
  • Let us pray for non-violence with regard to the right to hold protests during the pandemic and the policing of these events. 
  • WORLD WATER Day. A message from the Pope has called for a change in our lifestyles, not to waste or pollute water and to ensure that this basic human right is accessible to all.  

Enquiries: Mary Bradley, 01326 312 768.

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