A Precious Place – Restart Event

On Saturday,  Bishop Mark introduced a Precious Place relaunch event attended by 200+ clergy and laypeople from our Diocese. Michael Dobbs from Ottawa was the main speaker for both sessions, which also included smaller discussion groups.  They impressed on us the immediacy and priority of our co-responsibility as clergy and laity to “go and make disciples”, and that this takes place in “the parish” where we live out our faith. 

Talk and discussion also focused on issues such as what success looks like, what is a “church on fire” with the holy spirit, and conditions needed for parish renewal.

How can we become that joyful, vibrant, prayerful community which draws others into a knowledge of Christ? This is the central challenge we were asked to take back into our parishes.  However, in order to set goals for the future, we have to know where we are today. We need a really honest review of our current state as a parish (no blame; no judgement) – only then can we make a plan to become truly a ‘church on fire’. This is the next step in the Precious Place parish restructuring review.

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