Letters to our MP

If you would like to write to our MP about Climate Change and Climate Justice but are not quite sure where to start, here are a few points that you could tailor to express your own concerns (see address details below):

You have said you are “passionate” about climate change so I am writing to ask what action you are taking to ensure that the Government’s published targets are turned into meaningful effective change.

The Climate Change Committee in their June 2021 report tell us the UK is even less prepared for climate change than we were 5 years ago and current UK policies will not deliver emission cut pledges.

Some of the real issues which require major rethinking and urgent actions are : Aviation travel – both business and pleasure, Shipping, Surface transport – we have not even electrified all of the railway network, Car travel Heating and insulating buildings

Reading and listening to the News makes it clear that the concerns about global warming are real and not scaremongering. Could you therefore give me details of what the Government has planned because I have seen no sign that there are up to date cohesive plans and policies that lay out an appropriate schedule of activity.

We are seeing more and more extreme climate events – the extraordinary temperatures (and associated deaths) in British Columbia, and now similarly high temperatures in California and even Siberia  We have seen huge wild fires in Australia, Europe and the US because of drought and now extreme flooding in Europe and other parts of the world. 

Climate scientists are acknowledging that all along, we may have been underestimating the likelihood and consequences of extreme weather events resulting from climate change.  Yet these types of events have been devastating the poorer south for years and still we see claims and targets but are given no insight into how they will be fulfilled.

(Sometime in the next couple of weeks my third grandchild will be born.) It has brought to the front of my mind “what will the world be like as she/he grows up?”

Details for the MP for Truro and Falmouth Cherylin Macrory.

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