Creation: What can I do?

“Be not afraid!” … so Jesus tells his followers, knowing too well how fearful they were. We too can feel overwhelmed and despairing in the face of news about extreme climate events, but we too must allow ourselves to be comforted and strengthened by Jesus’s words. If we open ourselves to receive the grace of hope and do what we can, trusting in the Lord, who knows what we can achieve!

Here are two documents that describe the many ways in which people are trying to combat climate change…. They are both available to read online and/or to download:

What Can I Do? ideas which we can implement as individuals can be found here, and

39 Ways to Save the Planet, a summary of 6 of the programmes which aired on Radio 4 recently which highlight innovative ways to combat climate change on a larger scale, can be found here

“I cannot lift 1000lbs but I can lift 1lb 1000 times.”

So share with us what things you may have done recently – both little and large – so we may take courage and inspiration from what we all, as a community in Christ, are doing.

Please use the comments box at the bottom of this page to do so; you don’t have to give your name or contact details, but doing so would help us ….

2 thoughts on “Creation: What can I do?

  1. From Tony Barber
    Join the local Freegle Group, where you can dispose of almost anything you have no further use for or find something for yourself – – no money changes hands. All you have to do is post items on their website

    Decline to take a till receipt, if possible. Some stores offer an e-receipt instead if you really need one. In any case DO NOT RECYCLE the receipts you have. Most contain a nasty chemical, bisphenol A, which is released into the atmosphere.

    If you have an unused open fireplace, block the chimney with a woollen mat – and stop heat escaping.

    Turn your down your central heating and put on an extra jumper instead.

    Divert rain water from your roof into a water butt with a simple kit obtainable from DIY stores.

    Replace your electric light bulbs and strip lights with LEDs.


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