Welcoming the stranger

Urgently Required: Truro house for refugee family

TCRS (Truro Community Refugee Support) is looking for a home for a refugee family who are rebuilding their lives in the UK. They are currently being housed in a hotel waiting to be relocated.

If you have a house in a state of disrepair, we have a team of volunteers who can support getting it back to a habitable state.

Your rent will be guaranteed for two years with the same team of volunteers ensuring your property remains well maintained.

Contact Diana: 07957863313 or tcrstruro@gmail.com if you can help.

TCRS is local group is bidding to sponsor a refugee family under the Government’s Community Sponsorship scheme. It has reached its initial funding target to meet the Government minimum requirements but is still in need of suitable accommodation.

The group has a very diverse ‘network’ of locals prepared to help a refugee family to settle here. The group includes, among others, doctors and other healthcare workers, teachers, public servants, home makers. Anyone ready and willing to help a “stranger in a strange land” is welcome.

Contact the SVP Truro group (07474-941099) to express your interest in being part of the net — no obligation! 

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