“THE LETTER: a message for the earth”

“a clarion cry to people everywhere: we have to act together, we have to do it now.” (Cardinal Czerny)

“The Letter” was released 3 weeks ago as a Youtube Original film to wide critical acclaim. It highlights the key concept of dialogue by arranging a meeting between Pope Francis and a variety of voices from the peripheries, including an indigenous leader, a climate refugee, a youth activist, and a group of scientists. 

Austen Ivereigh writes (in The Tablet) that ”Meeting (Pope) Francis would conventionally be the climax of the film but in ‘The Letter’, it isn’t. The true drama happens later when the participants go to Assisi to reflect on the experience.”

While they are there, Arouna from Africa hears that his town is under water again and that a friend has died trying to make the dangerous crossing to Europe. This triggers an upsurge of pain and sense of vulnerability in which all the participants share and which becomes “ the place of grace and new hope.” 

The Letter is a Laudato Si production, available to watch HERE on Youtube; or if anyone is interested in watching it on a big screen in a discussion group, contact The Portico.

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