In transition

Dear readers,

we apologise for the long silence since December. As many of you know, we started The Portico as a brief COVID lockdown project in early 2020 to strengthen our parish community through the enforced social isolation. We ourselves succumbed to the virus during December, but since then have been pondering whether there is any need for The Portico since the lifting of all restrictions allowed all church-going and other social contacts to resume.

We are reflecting on the many questions and feedback received during our long silence, which suggest that there is perhaps still a need or at least a desire for this kind of community newsletter; we are therefore in transition while we work out in what form, and how, The Portico can fit into our post-lockdown lives.

Meanwhile, the website is currently fairly static but you can download copies of the print editions from this site. And you can join our mailing list to make sure you don’t miss the next edition!

Thanks for your continuing patience and support,

Jenny & Peter

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