Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

18 – 24 January 2021

THIS COMING WEEK is a Week of Prayer for Christian Unity around the world. As Catholics, we also bear witness to our faith through our actions in community with others within the wider Church of Christ. Pope Francis tells us that “All of us, as Christians, are united by faith in God, the Father who gives us life and loves us so greatly.” (Querida Amazonia) He goes on to remind us how much binds us together:

“We are united by faith in Jesus Christ, the one Saviour, who set us free by his precious blood and his glorious resurrection. We are united by our desire for his word that guides our steps. We are united by the fire of the Spirit, who sends us forth on mission. We are united by the new commandment that Jesus left us, by the pursuit of the civilization of love and by passion for the kingdom that the Lord calls us to build with him. We are united by the struggle for peace and justice. We are united by the conviction that not everything ends with this life, but that we are called to the heavenly banquet, where God will wipe away every tear and take up all that we did for those who suffer.  All this unites us.”

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