Bishop Mark: “a time of listening in our local churches”

Following on from the opening by Pope Francis this coming weekend of the Synod For a Synodal Church: Communion, Participation, Mission, Bishop Mark will be launching our Plymouth Diocesan phase on Sunday, 17th October with Mass in the Cathedral. The plan is to follow up soon after with an online gathering, but no details haveContinue reading “Bishop Mark: “a time of listening in our local churches””

“Learning a way of living the church”

The Pope’s closest advisors – the Council of Cardinals – met online recently to discuss the forthcoming Synod. They were joined by Pope Francis who identified two speeches that he sees as central to his thinking, and offered his personal reflections on the purpose of the Synod, at the heart of which is  “learning aContinue reading ““Learning a way of living the church””

Pope Francis briefs people of Rome

With the first phase of the Synod fast approaching, Pope Francis briefed the people in his own Diocese of Rome. Explaining that the first phase takes place in the diocese, he asked the people of the Diocese for their commitment to this process. He explained that “it is not about garnering opinions, not a survey,Continue reading “Pope Francis briefs people of Rome”

Bishops to engage all the faithful in the Synod

Cardinal Grech, the Secretary General of the Synod of Bishops, in an interview with Vatican News, emphasises that the first, diocesan phase of the synodal process, which opens on 10 October “is a founding phase, it must engage not only Catholics but all the baptised.” Asked why a synod on synodality, he replied: “Because theContinue reading “Bishops to engage all the faithful in the Synod”

Root and Branch Synod

A perhaps controversial “lay-led inclusive synod” was recently held in Bristol and online on 5-12 September amid criticism from some Bishops. It was inspired by the notion that the Church needs a truly inclusive Synod that “starts with women, and doesn’t end there”. It offers The Bristol Text, a set of reflections and proposals asContinue reading “Root and Branch Synod”