CAFOD G7 interfaith live event at Truro Cathedral

On Thursday 10th June, the eve of the G7 conference, CAFOD hosted an interfaith event, notable for being held live in Truro Cathedral as well as being attended online by perhaps a thousand others.  It was also well-supported by our local community, who found it refreshing to be able to meet again in person!

It’s purpose was to encourage us as well was the G7 conference,  to reflect on how we can build ‘a better world after the pandemic’; and to consider not only the challenges of the pandemic, but the climate emergency and how we as people of faith have a responsibility not only to respond to these challenges as individuals, but to make our leaders accountable for addressing them.

There were many diverse speakers both live and virtual. These included a Jewish leader, a Sikh, a Buddhist, a Moslem and a member of an indigenous population. Many spoke eloquently of the challenges that we should be tackling. Several of us were struck particularly by the message from the indigenous populations who have lived in harmony with the environment for centuries but are among the first world communities to feel the effects of climate change.

Bishop Mark addressed the G7 leaders directly, welcoming them to our ‘beautiful part of the world” he spoke very clearly and effectively giving an upbeat end to the event. 

(Reporting by Maggie McWilliams)

You can watch the interfaith event in full on Youtube here

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