Catenians’ President’s Sunday

Duchy Catenians finally emerged from COVID isolation to gather live for their President’s Mass in St Augustine’s Church today where they were warmly welcomed by parish priest Fr Michael.

A Catenian thread ran through the Mass, including the homily in which Deacon John referred to the fact that in the three readings the Israelites in Babylonia, a faction of the Church in Corinth and the people of Nazareth had behaved like Hooligans; he then went on to emphasise to the President of the Catenians (Peter Houlihan) that he did say Hooligans and NOT HOULIHANS!!

Fewer members than usual were able to brave the COVID conditions, but current president Peter Houlihan and Kathryn hosted a BBQ where Fr Michael, his wife Carol and several St Augustine parishioners enjoyed great hospitality and unexpected sunshine!

(EDITOR’S NOTE: this is a corrected version of the article that appeared in PORTICO 44 print edition, in which Deacon John was misquoted)

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