Synod: a short overview

With Truro and no doubt other parishes around the county gearing up to start local consultations, we thought that readers might like to be reminded that the why’s and wherefore’s of the synod are contained in the Vatican’s Preparatory Document, which you can find on the official Synod website and also in our Synod resources page.

The Preparatory Document is a fundamental point of reference for the Synod and is well worth a read, but its length and its language make it not always readily accessible to most parishioners. Something that seems a bit missing so far from parish resources generally is a simple overview of what it’s all about.

Therefore, we at THE PORTICO have produced our own Short Summary, an abbreviated guide to the Preparatory Document which we hope will be of benefit to our readers. At less than a quarter of the length of the original and in slightly plainer english, we hope that it will make it easier for readers to find their way into the Vatican’s foundational document and provide a better context for participation in the Synod process. You can read and/or download it here.

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