Synod 2021-23 update

Members of the hierarchy, clergy, and laity, who have coordinated the diocesan synodal conversations in England and Wales, recently participated in a National Synod Day in Southwark Closing the day’s proceedings, Cardinal Nichols said “In this upper room, seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we have had a unique window on the life ofContinue reading “Synod 2021-23 update”

Synod 2021-23: “Our journey continues”

Plymouth Synod report: The Pope’s pleas for us to listen with the ear of the heart (article next page) resonates in Bishop Mark’s foreword to the Plymouth Diocese synod report. Observing that this initial “parish listening” exercise only reached some 10% of the church-going population, Bishop Mark urges us all to listen more intently: “WeContinue reading “Synod 2021-23: “Our journey continues””

“Preach the Gospel”

Pope Francis, who has been working on a new constitution for the Roman Curia with his council of Cardinals (photo above) for several years, has now issued Praedicate Evangelium,  (“Preach the Gospel”) which introduces wide-ranging and fundamental changes to the Vatican’s administration and bureaucracy. They aim to ensure that the Roman Curia, the oldest bureaucracy in theContinue reading ““Preach the Gospel””

Synod: Quo Vadimus?

The Plymouth Diocese held a pre-synodal meeting of Parish representatives last week, and is now in the process of preparing the Diocesan ‘synthesis’ to go forward for discernment by the Conference of Bishops. Guidance from the Vatican suggests that the synthesis should indicate “how the Holy Spirit’s call to the Church has been understood inContinue reading “Synod: Quo Vadimus?”

Truro’s First Synodal Event

Truro’s first ‘parish listening’ events in a synodal process triggered by the Pope, were held last week by Zoom (Tuesday) and physically (Wednesday). About two dozen parishioners from both Truro and St Mawes parishes participated in perhaps the first parish forum held in Truro in several years. We await feedback from facilitators Pat McGovern andContinue reading “Truro’s First Synodal Event”

Synod: a short overview

With Truro and no doubt other parishes around the county gearing up to start local consultations, we thought that readers might like to be reminded that the why’s and wherefore’s of the synod are contained in the Vatican’s Preparatory Document, which you can find on the official Synod website and also in our Synod resourcesContinue reading “Synod: a short overview”

“Behind the Global Synod”

Tuesday 16 November, 7pm Austen Ivereigh will deliver a talk entitled “Behind the global synod: why Pope Francis wants you to speak boldly and listen carefully.” on Tuesday 16th November at 7.00 pm. The talk, with discussion, is a free Plymouth Diocesan online event to which all are invited, in preparation for our participation inContinue reading ““Behind the Global Synod””

“For a Synodal Church”: Synod’s diocesan phase extended

The Vatican’s Ordinary Council of the Synod of Bishops announced on 29 October that the duration of the first (Diocesan) phase of the recently launched Synod “For a Synodal Church” has been extended. This is “in order to provide a greater opportunity for the people of God to have an authentic experience of listening andContinue reading ““For a Synodal Church”: Synod’s diocesan phase extended”

A Decisive Time for the Church

from Tony Barber Pope Francis has set us on a two year synodal journey, culminating in the final Bishops’ synod in October 2023.  Before then we, the whole church including the laity, are invited to participate in that journey. Bishop Mark in his inaugural address in the Cathedral on 17th October was careful to pointContinue reading “A Decisive Time for the Church”

Looking inward & outward

from F “One way of seeing synodality as an ongoing process could be considering the parish, or even diocese having both inward and outward facing dimensions.  One facet is for our own sanctification.  It involves the liturgies, sacraments, witness to each other, prayer, study accompanying our own sick and housebound, etc. Then if we areContinue reading “Looking inward & outward”