Ukraine Host-family Meet-up

A non-denominational meeting was held at Truro Methodist Church on 27th April to support the Cornish community in helping Ukrainian Refugees and their hosts. Five refugees from Ukraine were actually at the event which was attended by almost 100 people, including some half-dozen parishioners from Our Lady of the Portal.

Rev’d Mark Dunne-Wilson led the discussion which covered the different ways in which people can offer help and support – from help to register with a doctor /dentist and making benefits claims to providing the basics for new arrivals, like toiletries.

There is evidently much frustration with the process of bringing people over, but there are now a number of refugees here in Cornwall. Regrettably, Cornwall Council was not formally represented at the event, but attendees were urged to register any help and skills that they might have to offer with the organisers of the meeting.

So if you have skills or support to offer please let us know and we’ll put you in touch.

See also: Echoes from Ukraine

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