Echoes from Ukraine

with thanks to David Roper

A distant echo of the horrible war in Ukraine was heard in Truro last month when the Methodist church invited people to attend an evening meeting, and report upon their response to the arrival of refugees in the city.

The chairs on both sides of the aisle were soon occupied and after a short introductory speech from the Minister, three speakers in turn spoke of their personal experiences. These tended to show that no single organized centre existed where those interested in the refugee problem could turn to. Upon an invitation for comments from those seated, it emerged Cornwall Council had not sent a representative to answer questions relating to payments for hosting, or for the educational needs of those of school age; other topics were the danger from people traffickers, Christian charities for pairing refugees with host families and leisure activities available.

It appeared those attending were counted among charity workers, teachers, host families, and three young female Ukrainian refugees who had only recently arrived in Truro.

The outcome was that the meeting ended with names taken from those willing to help, and with the promise of a second meeting, with the Methodist Church having organized itself into a leading role as the centre for Ukrainian refugees, and problems that might arise. 

(See also Ukraine Family Host meet-up)

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