“Enlarge the space of your tent!”

A Working Document for the Synod’s continental stage was published this week by the Vatican. The Document, titled “Enlarge the space of your tent” is a synthesis of the Synodal responses from dioceses in 112 countries around the world. The 45 page work calls for institutional, structural and cultural reform of the Church at all levels, to better incorporate synodality into ecclesiastical life.

This Document is intended to form the basis for further reflection and discernment by 5 continental assemblies. But before that, in keeping with the logic of synodality, it has been referred back to all bishops so that they can organise synodal moments of reading and discussion within their own dioceses. ”we return to the People of God the fruits of the process begun by the consultation in the particular Churches,” said Cardinal Grech the Secretary General of the Synod. He adds that “… it would be nice for each (Diocese) to read the Document with a broad involvement of the People of God”.

Cardinal Grech emphasises that “It is now up to each one of us to enlarge the space of the Tent, that is, to continue the work of listening, dialogue and discernment in this Continental Stage.” 

So watch this space…. Meanwhile, you can download and read the Document HERE

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