Bishop Mark sends pastoral message for launch of the “Synodal Process”

Bishop Mark sent a message to all in Plymouth Diocese this weekend, as Pope Francis officially launches the Synod “For a Synodal Church” which will culminate in a synod of Bishops in Rome in 2023.

The so-called ‘listening phase’ in each parish, the aim of which is “to foster as broad consultation as possible” and for everyone to have an opportunity to be heard, is planned for Advent – to commence on 29 November and continue during the run-up to Christmas, culminating in  a diocesan pre-synodal meeting early in 2022. 

Perhaps anticipating criticism of the shortness and timing of this ‘listening’ Bishop Mark says he recognises that the timescales seem tight, but that “I encourage you to fully engage with this important process in the life of the Church, locally and universally, so that we can all be more effective missionary disciples.” 

Read Full Text or Watch video

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