Diocesan Synod Briefing

A Diocesan online briefing event was held on 20 October, at which our Diocesan synod co-ordinators Fr John Deeny and Deborah Fisher described the Synod as, not a search for immediate solutions to immediate problems, but a great adventure to reflect on how we must move forward in the future, and to dream how we want the Church to be. It is a world-wide effort at renewal of the church, involving significant and continuing changes. 

Plans to supply supporting materials to parishes during November were briefly outlined, but more details will be published on the diocesan website. The main work will take place by and in parishes, and the diocesan team called for our support everywhere to help ensure that as many people as possible participate in this synod.

The Diocesan team are preparing materials to go out to parishes 18-20 November. It will be up to individual parishes to determine and carry out the most effective ways of getting feedback in their own situation, including particular attention to the housebound, the young, the poor and disaffected, and the wider christian community.

A supporting website is also under construction, and an online feedback form to allow individual submissions.

A wider diocesan event aimed at all in the diocese is planned for 16 November, with keynote speaker Austen Ivereigh.

Feedback sessions are also planned in spring to brief the diocese on the outcomes of the parish consultative process.

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