Across the Channel:French Synod National Synthesis

“We dream of a Church […] that is ready to move with changes in our society, freed from some of the burdens in the way it works, advancing resolutely towards unity, where people can speak freely, always attentive to the little ones and those who have been cast aside, a praying Church that trusts in her Creator and her Saviour.”

Readers may be interested to compare how Catholics in France have responded to the issues on Synodality. 

The French National Synthesis expresses how much people enjoyed meeting together, but acknowledges the difficulty and failure to engage the marginalised and the young. Acknowledging too the fear of change on the part of some laypeople and many priests, it summarises 3 key findings from the dioceses:

First is the widespread conviction that sharing and meditation on the scriptures needs to play a more important part in strengthening both personal and community life

Second is the need for the church to give credible signs of God’s goodness and the dignity of all the baptised, especially in its ministries, governance and liturgies. 

The third key finding is the widely shared hope that the church must be a better example to the world of living as brothers and sisters in Christ. It should be more open and welcoming, less judgmental; it must nurture a culture listening and dialogue to deepen relationships, between Catholics and with other faiths. 

Full report is here

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