“Building a better World after the Pandemic”

Truro Cathedral Interfaith Event: Thursday 10 June, 7pm People from different faith communities are gathering together at Truro Cathedral as well as online, in an act of witness on the eve of the G7 Conference taking place here in Cornwall. The G7 summit will see heads of government from seven of the world’s richest countriesContinue reading ““Building a better World after the Pandemic””

The Synod: coming to a church near you?

Pope Francis this week  pressed the fast-forward button on synodality in the Church, by dramatically shaking up the process for the next Synod of Bishops – on the subject of synodality itself. This was originally scheduled as a three-week gathering of bishops in Rome in October next year. But Pope Francis has decreed that fromContinue reading “The Synod: coming to a church near you?”

English Bishop to lead Vatican’s Congregation for Divine Worship

Pope Francis has appointed Archbishop Arthur Roche as Prefect of the Holy See’s department for liturgy (CDW), making him the highest ranking English priest in the Vatican Curia. His appointment is widely seen as an overhaul of the office which oversees the practice of worship across the global Church. The former Bishop of Leeds wasContinue reading “English Bishop to lead Vatican’s Congregation for Divine Worship”

Catechist: an Ancient Ministry made new

Pope Francis announced great news for parish ministry last Wednesday morning in Rome: he is establishing an official lay ministry of Catechist. The Holy Father wants to officially sanction the role of the hardworking parishioners who help to pass on the faith, giving them an official responsibility and recognising their talents. Our parish catechists areContinue reading “Catechist: an Ancient Ministry made new”

A Precious Place – Restart Event

On Saturday,  Bishop Mark introduced a Precious Place relaunch event attended by 200+ clergy and laypeople from our Diocese. Michael Dobbs from Ottawa was the main speaker for both sessions, which also included smaller discussion groups.  They impressed on us the immediacy and priority of our co-responsibility as clergy and laity to “go and makeContinue reading “A Precious Place – Restart Event”