Welcome to Fr Jarek!

Most readers will remember Fr Jarek ( Father Jaroslaw Kucharczyk) who very kindly came to look after us during Fr John’s sabbatical late last year (2019). He is now back in Cornwall as the Parish Priest at Camborne /Redruth, and we are sure that our Truro community join us in sending him warm greetings and a Welcome to Cornwall.

Sharing Sunday

We were not able to have any Harvest Festival celebrations this year so here is a reminder of one from the past.  Fr Gilmour is presiding over an altar decorated with local produce. We called it ‘Sharing Sunday’ as a reminder that we need to become involved in sharing our wealth not only with those of our local community but also with the wider world.  Sharing is especially important today with so many suffering from the effects of the pandemic

(from Tony Barber)

Sr. Kathleen, RIP

We are sad to announce that Sr Kathleen passed away on the night of 29 November 2020.

Many in our community will have fond memories of Sr Kathleen and Sr Edith of the Sisters of Notre Dame, who spent many years working in the Truro parish before retiring to the motherhouse.

Sr Kathleen sent a message to us a few days ago, warning us that her remaining time with us was very short, asking to be remembered to everyone, and asking for our prayers. She said that she was ready and eager to return to God.

Women in the Church

In his wide-ranging new book Let Us Dream, written in conversation with Austen Ivereigh, Pope Francis writes about female roles in the Church, saying that “allowing women’s perspectives to challenge existing assumptions” is something he has tried to focus on as Pope, appointing women to positions where they can “shape the culture” and “influence the vision and mindset” of the Church’s central bureaucracy. 

He makes it clear that female leadership in the Church cannot simply be equated with what happens in the Vatican or on “specific roles”. While the Pope has opened up discussions about the possibility of women deacons, he stresses that leadership should not be equated with inclusion into the ranks of the clergy. 

“Perhaps because of clericalism, which is a corruption of the priesthood, many people wrongly believe that Church leadership is exclusively male,” he writes. “But if you go to any diocese in the world you’ll see women running departments, schools, hospitals, and many other organisations and programs; in some areas, you’ll find many more women than men as leaders.”

He adds: “To say they aren’t truly leaders because they aren’t priests is clericalist and disrespectful.”

(from The Tablet)

World Day of the Poor

On World Day of the Poor, and drawing on the day’s Gospel about using our talents, Pope Francis urges us to “use what God has given you and look at the poor.”  In the Gospel, good servants are those who take risks, he said. “They are not cautious and watchful, they do not keep what they have received, but they use it. Because good, if you don’t invest, you lose; because the greatness of our life does not depend on how much we put aside, but on how much fruit we bear. 

Pope Francis continues that “it is not enough to observe the rules; fidelity to Jesus is not only not making mistakes, it is negative.” He reminds us that our mission as Christians is “to work good, to work good in this life, as a service to God.”

Read full homily here

Writing to the Frontlines

CAFOD have launched a means for each of us to write, via their web site, to some brave people who are struggling to protect their communities’ human rights and lands against the aggressive actions of international mining and farming companies. 

A message from you will be the perfect way to start Advent and it will help show these brave people that they aren’t alone in their  struggles but that they have a community of people in Truro who are all praying and standing with them.  

Roberto Carlos Pacheco, an environmental defender in Peru’s Amazon region, deeply committed to protecting the forest alongside CAFOD’s Peruvian partner CAAAP, was recently murdered. Roberto was one those who worked to protect the Amazon. In our country, we can speak out, in our churches, on social media, and lobby our MPs and government ministers. Roberto Carlos could not.

More than 300 human rights defenders were killed last year while fighting to protect their lands and nature, God’s creation, to halt the climate crisis or stand up for peace and human rights. Hundreds more were threatened or criminalised.  

Please – take a few moments and go to CAFOD’s web site at https://cafod.org.uk/Campaign/Latest-campaigns/Messages-to-the-brave and send a message, by 7 December, to one or more of the brave people featured there. 

Cornwall Christmas Box Appeal

This Appeal is for people to provide a box of food and treats for a family on Christmas day. You can find details direct on the website here.  

Thank you to everyone who has let us have a donation – we collected £190 altogether As a result, we will be able to deliver boxes for 7 Christmas Boxes next week.

Collection/drop-off: if you are putting together your own box but would like help to deliver your filled box, the Truro SVP Group can collect and drop off for you. Deadline for box drop-off is 11 December 2020.

Truro SVP can be contacted on 07474-941099 or svp.truro@gmail.com 

or you can just contact us at The PORTICO  at jenny.kwee@me.com