Writing to the Frontlines

CAFOD have launched a means for each of us to write, via their web site, to some brave people who are struggling to protect their communities’ human rights and lands against the aggressive actions of international mining and farming companies. 

A message from you will be the perfect way to start Advent and it will help show these brave people that they aren’t alone in their  struggles but that they have a community of people in Truro who are all praying and standing with them.  

Roberto Carlos Pacheco, an environmental defender in Peru’s Amazon region, deeply committed to protecting the forest alongside CAFOD’s Peruvian partner CAAAP, was recently murdered. Roberto was one those who worked to protect the Amazon. In our country, we can speak out, in our churches, on social media, and lobby our MPs and government ministers. Roberto Carlos could not.

More than 300 human rights defenders were killed last year while fighting to protect their lands and nature, God’s creation, to halt the climate crisis or stand up for peace and human rights. Hundreds more were threatened or criminalised.  

Please – take a few moments and go to CAFOD’s web site at https://cafod.org.uk/Campaign/Latest-campaigns/Messages-to-the-brave and send a message, by 7 December, to one or more of the brave people featured there. 

Cornwall Christmas Box Appeal

This Appeal is for people to provide a box of food and treats for a family on Christmas day. You can find details direct on the website here.  

Thank you to everyone who has let us have a donation – we collected £190 altogether As a result, we will be able to deliver boxes for 7 Christmas Boxes next week.

Collection/drop-off: if you are putting together your own box but would like help to deliver your filled box, the Truro SVP Group can collect and drop off for you. Deadline for box drop-off is 11 December 2020.

Truro SVP can be contacted on 07474-941099 or svp.truro@gmail.com 

or you can just contact us at The PORTICO  at jenny.kwee@me.com