First Holy Communion Group

The children in our First Holy Communion group (16 children!) decorated these Advent candles last week. They used sheets of coloured wax (wax appliqué) to cut out 4 Advent symbols and fix them onto the candle. The children are placing an Advent prayer card in front of the candle and will say  the Advent PrayerContinue reading “First Holy Communion Group”

Synod: a short overview

With Truro and no doubt other parishes around the county gearing up to start local consultations, we thought that readers might like to be reminded that the why’s and wherefore’s of the synod are contained in the Vatican’s Preparatory Document, which you can find on the official Synod website and also in our Synod resourcesContinue reading “Synod: a short overview”

“Behind the Global Synod”

Tuesday 16 November, 7pm Austen Ivereigh will deliver a talk entitled “Behind the global synod: why Pope Francis wants you to speak boldly and listen carefully.” on Tuesday 16th November at 7.00 pm. The talk, with discussion, is a free Plymouth Diocesan online event to which all are invited, in preparation for our participation inContinue reading ““Behind the Global Synod””

A Precious Place, revisited

At last week’s Synod briefing the Vicar General Fr John Deeny echoed Bishop Mark’s pastoral message that A Precious Place continues to be “a key point of reference” for us.  Fr John spoke of A Precious Place as an ongoing journey, and explained that the synodal process dovetails with the Diocesan initiative, each feeding intoContinue reading “A Precious Place, revisited”

A Decisive Time for the Church

by Tony Barber Pope Francis has set us on a two year synodal journey, culminating in the final Bishops’ synod in October 2023.  Before then we, the whole church including the laity, are invited to participate in that journey. Bishop Mark in his inaugural address in the Cathedral on 17th October was careful to pointContinue reading “A Decisive Time for the Church”

Diocesan Synod Briefing

A Diocesan online briefing event was held on 20 October, at which our Diocesan synod co-ordinators Fr John Deeny and Deborah Fisher described the Synod as, not a search for immediate solutions to immediate problems, but a great adventure to reflect on how we must move forward in the future, and to dream how weContinue reading “Diocesan Synod Briefing”

Bishop Mark sends pastoral message for launch of the “Synodal Process”

Bishop Mark sent a message to all in Plymouth Diocese this weekend, as Pope Francis officially launches the Synod “For a Synodal Church” which will culminate in a synod of Bishops in Rome in 2023. The so-called ‘listening phase’ in each parish, the aim of which is “to foster as broad consultation as possible” andContinue reading “Bishop Mark sends pastoral message for launch of the “Synodal Process””

Bishop Mark: “a time of listening in our local churches”

Following on from the opening by Pope Francis this coming weekend of the Synod For a Synodal Church: Communion, Participation, Mission, Bishop Mark will be launching our Plymouth Diocesan phase on Sunday, 17th October with Mass in the Cathedral. The plan is to follow up soon after with an online gathering, but no details haveContinue reading “Bishop Mark: “a time of listening in our local churches””